A Week of Feeling Spacious and Peaceful

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If you have read my story, and landed here, you would know that I had committed to a self-imposed challenge — Stolen Tiny Pomodoro. However, if you happen to arrive here by chance, here is a recap of what the challenge is about and what the deal is.

The purpose of the challenge is to find the right-size productivity approach and to prove to myself and any overwhelmed, time-poor persons that we can move the needle or make the change by allowing 10 minutes per day minimum for a tiny imperfect, intentional and inspiring action towards our goals.

My approach

• Decide on “how I want to feel” rather than what I want to complete.

• Define activities that bring me closer to that feeling.

• Only ten minutes is required to work on the activities. Anything more is a bonus.

• Focus on progress over completion

• Record and celebrate all my wins — big and small.

A ten-minute time span allows me the freedom to focus to work on a manageable intentional activity without waiting for a ‘perfect moment’. It also gives me no excuse for the lack of time. Plus, I get to be guilt-free if I only show up for the minimum requirement of 10 minutes a day.

Read the full article here.

This article is based on my weekly challenge journal. Here is how my first week went.


Desired feelings: Spacious and Peaceful

Inspired actions: Decluttering


  • Two big bags of shredded paper (sensitive documents)
  • Two big bags of stuff that I no longer need
  • Two cabinets that are now more presentable, have more space for items, and are calming to the eyes.
  • Two tables reclaimed!
  • Losing my grip on some painful memories

This may not be much for some, but it would not have happened without setting my intention to create the space and to feel peaceful, while consciously working on it.

What I learnt about the approach from this first week

What is working:

• Revisiting the outcome and anchoring myself in that state of mind. The satisfaction from the result will keep me going.

• SHIFTING OF my approach. Instead of a to-do list, I shifted to how I want to feel and focused on progress vs. completion. This way, I can feel guilt-free about it. As I have agreed to spend 10 minutes towards the bigger goal. Anything more is a bonus

What can be done better:

Even though the ten-minute requirement was met, I felt that I could have done more. As I observed myself without judgement, I noticed a time-wasting pattern and its triggers.

Awareness is gold.

When I catch myself wasting time or feeling triggered, I plan to interrupt this pattern by asking myself, “What are you voting for?” That way, I will not respond to the trigger by getting into an auto-pilot mode with a time-wasting activity.

What I learn from this week focus — Decluttering:

As I went through sentimental items, I noticed the shift and intensity of how I carried myself for over 20 years. I spent a lot of time with the sentimental items to the point that I felt attached to enough to carry them across the globe. They were my security blanket.

The importance of the sentimental items is based on the meaning that we assign to them, and the meanings can change. This week I gave some of them my “thank you, I am sorry, forgive me, I love you” and let them go.

I realise that letting go can be an incremental process. There are some items that I still love, but I decided that it is time to part ways with. Also, there are things that I am not ready to let go of them yet, even when I know it is for the best. I know that I can rest assured that the process of letting go has started, and I can be gentle to myself about it.

Verdict: I concluded that this week has been successful in bringing me closer to feeling spacious.

I feel a little lighter.

I am practising forgiveness.

I am making progress.

The second week: My focus will be feeling in control, and the inspired activity is digital decluttering and taking stock.

Follow along with me or embark on your own journey. I have created a template to help you kickstart a 7-day practice of honouring your pace, setting intentions and taking inspired actions — as a gentler way to achieve what you want.

You can download your gift here.

I look forward to hearing about your experience with the approach and what you learn.

Let’s do this!



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